Resources for UIP development

2015-16 Accountability Dates





ACCESS growth results


CMAS Science & Social Studies


Released July 20


Released July 22



CMAS Science & SS hardcopy reports & CMAS student reports from CDE




ACT – State report


School/District Performance Frameworks


Student reports will be mailed to parents over a three week period. A copy of the student reports sent to schools for inclusion in cum folder


August 11-15


There will be no Frameworks (SPFs) this school year based on 2014-15 data


Preliminary Pre-Populated UIPs





Requests to reconsider SPF/DPF rating


UIP templates with pre-populated data will be available with the option to complete UIPs in the new CDE On-line system – Schools implement the plan level (Performance, Improvement, etc.) from 2014-15


There is no process available for requests to reconsider school ratings for this school year. Requests to reconsider ratings will resume fall of 2016-17



School Accountability Committees

UIPs presented to School Accountability Committees for feedback



UIP due to P-20 Director









Graduation/Dropout rates



CMAS ELA & Math results

UIP is due to P-20 Director November 1

For Title schools – addendum for school wide Title l and Parent Compact

For Turnaround plans – turnaround addendum


All Priority Improvement & Turnaround plans must address parent engagement within the Action Plan


Data received for 2013-14 graduation and dropout rates


Mid-November release of ELA & Math CMAS


Priority Improvement and Turnaround UIPs to BOE

December 15th board meeting

BOE holds Public Hearing on School/District UIPs for Priority Improvement/Turnaround plans




Priority Improvement and Turnaround UIPs approved by BOE



Student Climate Survey

Parent Climate Survey

January 5th board meeting

BOE consent agenda has School/District UIPs with Priority Improvement and Turnaround status – due to CDE January 15


Student Survey – two weeks in January

Parent Climate - January through March


TELL Survey

Classified/Admin/PT Survey


TELL survey Feb - March

Classified/Admin/PT Feb - March



Feedback on UIPs from CDE on PI/T schools

Priority Improvement and Turnaround status schools receive UIP feedback from CDE



School/District UIP

Final Priority Improvement and Turnaround School UIPs are due in the On-line system or to P-20 Director - April 8



2015-16 Accountability Dates