Tableau is a data visualization system that supports how you look at data and was adopted during the 2014-15 school year.  The reports that are available within the Tableau have been prioritized by the Division of Equity in Learning, and are based on your Infinite Campus permissions. There will continue to be build out of the system over the next several school years.

How To Obtain Tableau Access:

Beginning in January 2016, all APS employees who wish to obtain access to Tableau must complete an affirmation of their understanding of FERPA policy. 

To obtain access (teachers and nonteachers) completion of this form is required: 

        Tableau Access Requests

After viewing the video in the link and completing the form affirming your understanding of FERPA policy,  we will notify you within 5 business days to let you know you have access to Tableau.

How To Log In to Tableau:

 Tableau Login

To log in to Tableau, use the same username and password as you use to log in to your APS computer

If you have questions please contact Praew Johnson ( or x.28337) or Lori Stack( or x.28343).

Tableau Help Sheets

Tableau at a Glance – Provides a quick overview of using Tableau.

Using the Combination Report Workbook in Tableau

Using the Grades Distribution Workbook in Tableau

Downloading Into Excel From a Student List

Summary of Literacy Assessments Workbook 

Using the Attendance Works Workbook – Provides an overview of using the attendance works workbook, as well as important definitions.

Using the CMAS PARCC Classroom Level Workbook in Tableau – Provides overview of using the CMAS PARCC Classroom Level workbook, and important definitions.

Using the PWR Workbook in Tableau- Provides an overview of using the PWR Workbook

Using the CLDE Report- Provides guidance on using CLDE tools

Tableau Help Videos

Teacher Training Video

This training video provides an overview of how Tableau is organized and how to use the CMAS PARCC Classroom Level workbook.

Module 1 - Navigating in Tableau

This module provides an overview of how Tableau is organized and how to navigate within the system.

Module 2 - Basic Functions in Tableau

This module covers the basic functions that can be done within a Tableau dashboard.  This includes filtering and using the four standard Tableau icons.

Module 3 - Advanced Functions in Tableau

This module covers more advanced functions within a Tableau dashboard: filtering with charts  and tables and viewing underlying data.