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Charter Schools

A charter school is a tuition-free public school operated by an independent board of directors that may be composed of parents, teachers and community members. A charter school is a school of choice within the school district, operating under a contract or "charter" between the board of the charter school community and the APS Board of Education.

The "charter," as defined in the Charter Schools Act (Sections 22-30.5-101et. seq. C.R.S.), spells out the school's mission and vision, academic goals, performance standards, educational design, governance and operations. Charter schools are generally exempted or waived from many of the regulatory requirements applicable to other public schools.  In exchange for this autonomy, charters are held to high accountability standards by APS. Charter school students are still required to take all state-mandated standardized tests, just like all other public school students. In addition, charter schools must provide the appropriate levels of services to students with special needs, English language learners, gifted and talented students, and all other students admitted to the charter school.

Charter Schools Authorized by Aurora Public Schools

Core Knowledge serving K-8




Expeditionary Learning for Grades PK-8


K-8 Language Immersion



K-12 STEAM Model


K-12 Classical Inclusion Model  

Fletcher Campus

K-8 Classical Inclusion Model
Opening a Charter School in Aurora

If you are interested in opening a Charter School in Aurora Public Schools, the following documents and policies will be helpful as you go through the application process.  It is recommended that you contact the Charter School Coordinator at 303-340-0861 early in the process.

Revised April 2014


Spring 2017


Revised Jan. 2015


Spring 2017


Spring 2016


Approved by APS


Charter School Resources for APS Staff

These resources are available to APS staff members only using their APS Google login.


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